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IMPORTANT: If an item doesn't apply to you, please enter "n/a".  If you are interested in a certain dog on our website or are willing to wait for the right one to come along, please fill out this on-line adoption application. You must fill out an adoption application in order to be considered for adopting any dog with in our care.

After you fill out an adoption application and we receive your application, someone from Bouvier & Friends, All Breed Rescue  will send you an email thanking you for your interest.  This person will contact your references and schedule your home visit.  The purpose of these home visits  it to meet you and your family, see your yard and exercise area for your dog.  We will want to check where the dog will be spending his days while you are gone and where it will be sleeping.  It usually takes no more than 2-3 weeks to complete this process, unless scheduling becomes a problem.  Remember, we are all volunteers, and are busy......if you do not hear from us within a week of sending in your application, please contact us. 

Your Name:    Date: 




City:   State: Zip: 

Your residence: Own Rent

check all that apply: 

Tract Single-Family Ranch Mini-Farm Suburban City Condo Apartment Other

How long at this address: 

OK to schedule in-home check? Yes No

List ALL household "human" members:

Who in the household wants a dog?

Hours per day dog will be left alone?

Specific Dog you have interest in? 

Will you attend dog obedience classes? Yes No

Where will your dog be during the day?

And during the Night?

Dog-related expenses you expect to incur:

Who will be primarily responsible for feeding, grooming, maintaining and exercising the dog?

Your opinion on crate training:

Have you ever owned a Bouvier? Yes No

Do you know how to groom a Bouvier? Yes No

Willing to learn how to groom? Yes No

Aware of professional grooming expense? Yes No

Do you have a Dog Run? Yes No

Do you have a Fenced Yard? Yes No

Fence Height Gate Height

Fence Type: Chainlink Wood Concrete Block Other

List Dogs previously owned and why they are no longer with you
(example: Bouvier (female-spayed), 1978-1991, lost to cancer;
Golden, male-intact, 1964-1968, family moved, gave to neighbor)

List ALL CURRENT ANIMALS in household, if neutered or intact, and a brief description of their personalities



LIST 2 OR 3 OTHER REFERENCES, such as neighbors or people you do business with, give name and telephone number where we can reach them:

Dog will be used in: Agility: Breeding: Carting: Commercial Guard:Companion: Competitive Obedience: Conformation: Flyball:Herding:Personal Guard: Pet-Assisted Therapy: Ring Sports:Tracking:Other:

If OTHER, please specify

Describe behavior or training challenges with previous or current dogs:

Describe the temperament of the perfect dog for you and your family:

Any Comments? (If you want your info shared with other rescue groups, etc., state so here)

How did you hear about us?

Preferred sex of dog MALE FEMALE EITHER


Please review your answers carefully and make any necessary changes. Then press the submit button to process your questionnaire.